New Breaking Benjamin music will arrive in 2024, says Jasen Rauch

Good news. While we know that they’ve finally got some new songs in the pipeline, nobody actually knows when Breaking Benjamin will release yet another inevitably chart-topping new album. 2018 was the last time we saw an album of all-original material, but when you consider there’s been a global pandemic and serious economic uncertainty for artists and musicians, it’s not the biggest surprise.

That wait may be coming to an end very, very soon, however. In a new interview with 99.7 The Blitz (helpfully transcribed by Blabbermouth), Jasen Rauch has revealed that while the album doesn’t have a firm timetable to be released, BB fans will for sure be getting new music this year:

“We’ve got about four [songs] done. We’re kind of taking a summer break right now up until — we go out with STAIND in September. And so between now and then, we’re really looking at wrapping the stuff up and having some new music out for that tour. As far as album release, it’s a little out of our hands, because it’s later in the year, it might be pushed back till next year, just because December, everything shuts down, and you wanna get the momentum that you can. So hopefully we’ll have a tour wrapped around that as well with the release. But, yeah, new music this year, for sure.”

Five of Breaking Benjamin’s six full-length albums have debuted in the top 20 of the Billboard 200 charts, with their last four arriving in the top 4. They’ve also scored six RIAA Platinum singles, including ones for “Blow Me Away” (yay Halo 2!) and “The Diary Of Jane”, the kind of presence that’s rare for a veteran band to still have.

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