Tarcil unleashes ferocious debut single “Feral”, signaling a menacing force in heavy music

Tarcil, a promising new band from New Jersey, has burst onto the metal scene with their debut single, “Feral”. This track is a brutal declaration of vengeance, drawing listeners into a narrative of calculated retribution and primal aggression. Fans of deathcore and metalcore will find much to admire in this relentless anthem, which channels the ferocity of Emmure and the intricate intensity of Reflections. Formed in early 2024, Tarcil is comprised of members from local bands and new faces to the scene: members of Burying Point, The Haunting, and Levitated.

They’ve combined their talents to create a band that is poised to make waves in the metal world. After a period of writing and establishing their base, the band recorded “Feral” with the expertise of producer Hunter Spader and shot a debut music video with photographer/videographer Kurt Fowles.

“Feral” embodies a visceral response to betrayal, encapsulating the “eye for an eye” mentality with a blend of raw emotion and strategic ruthlessness. The lyrics convey a deeply thought-out vendetta, reflecting a protagonist who is meticulously planning their revenge. Each line pulsates with a sense of impending retribution, making the narrative as compelling as it is chilling.

Musically, this track is a powerhouse. The guitar riffs are both aggressive and technically proficient, carving through the mix with surgical precision. The breakdowns are devastatingly heavy, designed to incite chaos in the mosh pit, while the drumming drives the song forward with relentless intensity. The bass and synths add a menacing depth that underpins the track’s brutal soundscape. The track also features an electrifying vocal performance, alternating between guttural growls and piercing screams that perfectly capture the song’s themes of anger and vengeance. The production strikes a balance between clarity and raw power; each instrument is given a chance to shine, yet the overall mix maintains the gritty, unpolished edge that is essential for a track of this nature.

For fans of Left To Suffer, Emmure, I Declare War, Chelsea Grin, Angelmaker, and Reflections, “Feral” is a must-listen. It captures the essence of what makes deathcore and metalcore so compelling: the ability to channel intense emotions through complex, hard-hitting music.

Tarcil’s “Feral” is a ferocious debut that signals the arrival of a formidable new force in the metal scene. With its combination of technical prowess, emotional depth, and unbridled aggression, it sets a high bar for what fans can expect from this exciting new band.


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