February 28, 2024

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Metalcore artist Micah Ariss releases new song ‘What Have I Become’, tackling the effects of self-doubt

Up and coming metalcore artist Micah Ariss started his musical journey in 2017 with the release of his first song, ‘You Are Like Fire’. Based in the state of Washington, Micah sets out to write music that tackles the effects that declining mental health can have on a person. Micah is an impressive solo artist who has consistently released good music overall, and has been improving as the years go on. He writes the music from his own personal experiences to help reassure people aren’t alone in battling mental health. Micah has just released his newest song ‘What Have I Become’, featuring Chandler Burton. The song was released through the popular YouTube channel Spaceuntravel. Lyrically, the song tackles battling your own mind while letting it consume you over time. Micah has a skill for writing compelling lyrics, and it shows in ‘What Have I Become’. This is the first song Chandler has ever been a part of and released. Micah contacted him after seeing him react to another one of his songs, wanting to hear more of his vocals. Overall I’m pretty impressed with this song, and I’m glad I found Micah as he now has a nice spot in my daily playlist!

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