Bring Me The Horizon performed “Chelsea Smile” with Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante, and we’re here for it

Bring Me The Horizon’s Malta Weekender looks like a lot of fun. You already had BMTH fans starting a pool-based circle pit when “Can You Feel My Heart” played over the loudspeakers, and the band’s live performance lived up to the hype as well. BMTH dusted off some rare tracks that aren’t often performed live, but that’s not all.

Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante joined the band during their 2008 hit “Chelsea Smile”, and we’ve got video of that below. The band performing “Chelsea Smile” with Courtney wasn’t the only highlight for BMTH, of course. Once you see their setlist below, you’ll get it, but the band played tracks like “Hospital For Souls” (which hadn’t seen a live performance since 2014) and even opened with “Liquor And Love Lost” (which hadn’t been played since 2008). Also, Static Dress’s Olli Appleyard joined the band for “Alligator Blood”, which hadn’t seen a live performance since 2014, apparently. Awesome stuff all around.

Bring Me The Horizon just brought Spiritbox’s Courtney La Plante on stage to sing “Chelsea Smile.” #BMTHMalta @bmthofficial @corklezlaplante @spiritboxband

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