Melodic doom metal outfit Sermon release 6+ minute epic “Departure”

Melodic doom metal duo Sermon have released a new single “Departure”. The 6+ minute epic shows various sides of the band from brutal blast beats to melodic moments and intertwining them together to create a roller coaster ride for their song. This single comes from the bands upcoming sophomore release “Of Golden Verse” which is out March 31st on Prosthetic Records.



Sermon’s Him comments: “‘Departure’ is the curtain call of the album. The final climax. It’s a tense topic that describes the horrifying moment between a victim and attacker, within a war crime.

“To match the subject, musically this is the most intense song on the album, and it could only live at the end. I had always had it in my head that I wanted to create a song where I could potentially make a blast beat listenable to an average listener. I had the melody for the vocal and guitar lead infecting my head for months. Always a good basis for a song, and I think if you take the blast away, it could almost be a pop song (in minor, of course). I’m sure this intent alone would make some metal fans recoil in horror, and that’s fine by me.

“James Stewart claims this might be his longest (and favourite) blast beat, which is quite something considering he was in Vader for 3 years. It was honestly magical to watch the take, for something that sounds like a hyper-speed flailing of limbs, the amount of control and precision that’s actually there is astounding and makes it all the more musical.

“So far, this song seems to be getting the most questions from people. For a band that gets frequently compared to Tool or Katatonia, I think this breaks us away from it and into a different musical space.”

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