Battleground Championship Wrestling – A Tribute To The Extreme (12.17.2022) (Wrestling Review)

Battleground Championship Wrestling

A Tribute To The Extreme

Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

Dec. 17th, 2022


Singles Match
Bill Alfonso vs. Tod Gordon

Not a match and more of an angle. Hard to rate stuff like this. 

.5 / 5

Singles Match
Bully Ray vs. Matt Cardona

A fun simple brawl. Bully Ray can’t do much anymore but him and Cardona bled some and had the crowd going for it. 

3 / 5

Singles Match
Frankie Street-Tough vs. Philadelphia Playboy

A horrible match that’s only shining light was 911. 

.5 / 5

Singles Match
Al Snow vs. The Vampire Warrior (w/The Sinister Minister)

Vampire Warrior (aka Gangrel, what a horrible name) vs Al Snow in 2022 isn’t a match anyone wanted. Both are in semi decent shape but this was a lackluster at best match. 

1 / 5

Six Man Tag Team Match
The New Triple Threat (Ray Jaz, Shane Douglas & Wrecking Ball Legursky) (w/Francine) vs. The Pitbull Revolution (Craig Steele, Gary Wolfe & Traxx)

A lot of interference here to cover up the fact that half these guys shouldn’t be in a ring anymore. 

1 / 5

Tag Team Match
The FBI (Little Guido & Luigi Primo) (w/Tommy Rich) vs. The New Breed Extreme (Afa Jr. & Beastman)

Most this match consisted of a prolonged pizza deal with Luigi Primo then him getting squashed. Little Guido looks good for his age but this match was awful. 

.5 / 5

Four Way Match
Facade (w/Dani Mo) vs. Danny Miles vs. Breaux Keller vs. Vinny Mac

Best match of the card so far. A bit sloppy in parts but they went for a fast paced spot filled match which worked great given no match thus far has had that. 

2.5 / 5

Singles Match
2 Cold Scorpio vs. Rich Swann

2 Cold has stayed in shape and wrestling so he could stand his own against Swann. This was a decent match by both guys but just felt a bit sluggish like it was dragging itself out for time at moments. 

2.5 / 5

Singles Match
Rhino vs. Rob Van Dam

 I love that when they went out into the crowd they never had lights on or cameras so you couldn’t see a thing that was happening. This match was really bad honestly. Both guys are still in decent ring shape at best but completely winded early on. This turned into a bunch of sluggish moves between them trying to hit their spots. Biggest pop of the match was a Sabu run in. 

1 / 5

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