Make Way For Man brings out the technical side of metalcore in “Rites” (review)

The tried-but-true progressive metalcore sound that bands like Periphery, ERRA, and more have embodied is always welcome to my ears. Stuff like this just never gets old, as the technical prowess needed to create this type of sound is immense. Make Way For Man, another act from our friends down under, brings this to the table, and has been since 2015. Now, they’re collecting all their singles from the past few years into their new EP Rites.

Make Way For Man has guitar riffs for days. Whether it’s the intro, verse, chorus, or anything in-between, you can count on a complex dual-lead to barrage your ears. Mixed to perfection, it’s easily one of the best things about the band. The vicious vocals are rough, but add to the aesthetic without stealing the spotlight.

There’s only one new song on Rites – but that isn’t a bad thing. The EP format, as opposed to an album, lets each piece stand out on their own without the worry of filler. The proggy side of the band comes out in “MVP” and “Strangers,” where “Ideations” blasts the listener with sheer brutality.

New Fury’s Australian PR contacts in Collision Course have sent us tons of great heavy music this year, and Make Way For Man is no exception. Essential listening for fans of this style of metalcore, Rites is a solid collection of the band’s efforts the past few years. Spin if you want a nice head thrash.

Rating: 8/10

A press copy of Rites was provided courtesy of Collision Course.

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