February 21, 2024

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Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster 40th Anniversary Edition LP (Review)

40 years ago Social Distortions “Mommy’s Little Monster” was a major break in the punk music scene and the band has remained a force in the genre since. To celebrate it Craft Recordings have gone through and given it the love it deserves with a remastered special edition vinyl.

Using the original analog tapes for this remaster it truly is the best sounding version die hard fans of the record can get. I’ve read that original pressings of the record sound louder on all aspects but this is a tighter more rounded out recording for the remaster. They’ve crafted this onto a nice heavy 180g vinyl as well.

Die hard fans will geek even at the smallest details such as keeping the gatefold cover for this remaster, the only other reissue being a 1995 one that kept the gatefold as well.

Old fans will love the attention to detail kept here with everything here done with great love towards the band and record. Newer fans should jump towards this as a cheaper and easier way to get the record as it came in black as well as 5 different colors through various retailers. Its a must have for fans of the band and genre.

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