April 24, 2024

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Lorna Shore set to unleash their new song “Cursed To Die” on July 27th!

Lorna Shore has been at the top of their game the last few years, securing massive tours and releasing songs that take the metal community by storm. Lorna Shore has been given a second wind after some unfortunate events transpired and resulted in a line-up change on vocals. Will Ramos came in to helm the vocal position, and ever since the band has been back on track! Lorna Shore began with humble beginnings with the release of their 2012 EP ‘Bone Kingdom’. Lorna Shore’s first taste of their eventual fame came when their song ‘Life of Fear’ was used in a viral meme, this kick-started the band’s popularity and ever since the group has been dominating the metal scene. Lorna Shore is credited with helping bring deathcore to the mainstream in the 2020s by mixing black metal and symphonic influences with deathcore. The powerhouse group has just unveiled they will be releasing their newest song ‘Cursed To Die’ this Wednesday on July 27th, 2022! Lorna Shore has been very active this year, with recently releasing their latest song ‘Into The Earth’. Currently, they’re still riding the wave of last year’s viral sensation, “To The Hellfire”, and who can blame them?

‘Cursed To Die’ arrives July 27th!

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