Let’s Talk Wrestling : ICW No Holds Barred “Pitfighter X7” (Review)

ICW No Holds Barred “Pitfighter X7”


Atlantic City, New Jersey

Dan Maff vs. SHLAK – Battle of the brutes between Shlak and Maff. Both exchange a string of brtual hard chair shots to the head. Maff beating Shlak hard with a door too until it broke apart completely was quite the sight too. Good opener, both men just charging at each other in brute force to see who is stronger. Shlak choking Maff out with a bag was a good end to the match. Match got over quick enough before it had time to drag.  3.5 / 5

Alex Ocean vs. Nolan Edward – An oddly short and lackluster match between the two. Starting slows with grapples and just moving at an odd pace that was just a set up to big spot at the end. 1.5 / 5
Phil Baroni vs. Justin Kyle – This was a battle of brutes UFC style instead of as a pro wrestling match. Full of hard hits between two big men it was a tough match. While not bad by any means it just didn’t connect for me much. 2 / 5
Dale Patricks vs. Casanova Valentine – Solid match between Dale and Casaonva. Good in ring story telling with Casanova doing damage to Dales foot. Dale bleeding like a pig from a gusset looked harsh as well. 3 / 5
Sadika vs. Kimber Lee– Hard hits between Lee and Sadika. Sadika gave Lee some super stiff chair head shots. The match seemingly ended out of no where in a shoot between Sadika, the ref and Lee. Lee stormed off shouting out Danny Demanto who owns ICW NHB and Sadika was throwing things through the crowd. Made it an awkward watch even on demand so would hate to see what happened live. 1.5 / 5
Jeff Cannonball vs. Satu Jinn – Solid bout between two larger men. The sumo part at the beginning was just an odd slower start to it. Both went through some good damage though and Cannonball always looks great bleeding. The soda review was a light hearted after match moment. 3 / 5
Reed Bentley vs. AKIRA – Akira kicking the can board into Reed looked painful for sure. Reed is also super agile with his running kick into the cage against Akira. Akira landing on the carpet strips looked harsh right after he took several gusset plates. Really solid match, both men used a stupid amount of sharp objects on each other and really made it a battle for that win. 3.5 / 5
Tank (w/The Rev) vs. John Wayne Murdoch – Good hard hitting battle between the two. The use of gussets here was great and JWM bled brutal from them. Both men using saws in a battle on each other looked and sounded great too. What a final though for this match visually. JWM stabbing Tank in the head with a fork while being pulled with barbed wire in the mouth was just visually a perfect shot. 3.5 / 5

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