August 7, 2022

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REO Speedwagon help ring in the return of rock to the Chicagoland area (Photo Gallery + Review)



Riveredge Park

With the return of shows now resuming with COVID becoming more manageable, rock legends and IL’s own REO Speedwagon were given the chance to be the ones to break the Chicagoland area back into large rock shows. As expected though, REO gave the fans the show they’ve been waiting for and one that will be hard to top.

Opening the show were another legendary IL rock band in the form of Head East. Tasked with having to get the crowd rocking, most likely for the first time since COVID began, was a task they were more than ready for. Frontman Darren Walker was more than ready for the challenge as he got the crowd up, moving, and singing along. Once the crowd has packed in more and songs like “Never Been Any Reason” hit the crowd was feeling it again and it was like they never missed a step.


Shortly before REO Speedwagon took the stage media for the evening were invited backstage to witness Aurora mayor Richard Irvin present the band a key to the city for being the first major rock show in the Chicagoland area since Covid.


Once REO Speedwagon hit the stage though it was simply a rock show for the ages. With a career spanning hit after hit song the set moved at a rapid pace with the band firing on all cylinders. You could visibly tell also just how truly happy the band themselves were to be back on stage performing to a live crowd. There were smiles and laughs all around on stage as the crowd was just happy to be there as the band. Its gotta be noted too that for a band where all members are older, Kevin Cronin was running and jumping around with more energy than musicians 1/3rd of his age.


Sounding tighter than ever before even, REO Speedwagon gave this sold out crowd a show that not only will be hard to forget but also be hard to top.


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