September 23, 2021

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Karissa Pasquarella releases her powerful new song “Save Me Now”

Solo artist Karissa Pasquarella first surfaced 6 years ago with her 2015 EP “My Mind Put Into Songs” and has since continued to release music at a constant flow. Karissa Pasquarella strays away from her usual styling to showcase her take on the modern rock genre with her newest song “Save Me Now”. Karissa has a wide range of styles in her songs, and it’s quite impressive to be honest. Each of her songs has been paid attention to closely with care in the production process. Karissa tackles rock with a smile on her face and a passion for music. For this new song Karissa teamed up with music written by Randy Pasquarella and Dan Conklin of If I Were You. The new song comes complete with a high quality music video shot by Pasquarella Recordings. What we like the most about “Save Me Now” is its dynamic instrumental packed in with a well crafted chorus that stays in your head long after the song stops playing. Karissa really lets her voice shine in this newest track and we’re stoked for more, whether it be rock or the electronic music she produces!

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