February 27, 2024

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Late 9 team up with Patient Sixty-Seven for new single “Breathe For Me”

Late 9 have followed up their recent Thanks To You EP, which just came out this May, with their brand new single “Breathe For Me.” Its closer “Repeated Apology” has garnered significant attention on social media and brought the metalcore group a swath of fans who are certain to love this latest track. The Boston-based group teamed up with up-and-coming Aussie band Patient Sixty-Seven for “Breathe For Me” and both parties were thrilled. Tom Kiely of Patient Sixty-Seven shares, “When they hit me up to be a part of ‘Breathe for Me’ I was so excited. I love how bouncy and heavy the track is, and I’m just stoked we can link up from across the world! Super grateful they let me hop on and scream my lungs out with them!”

With more new music on the horizon from them later this year, Late 9 show no sign of slowing down. Vocalist Kyle Farrar was even recently invited to join Motionless In White on stage in New Hampshire to perform Bryan Garris’ section of “Slaughterhouse.” Farrar shares the main purpose that drives this band: “We started releasing music back in 2020, pushing the very important message that our songs are highly revolved around mental health and substance abuse awareness. With every high there is a low and vice versa, that’s why our songs consist of both aspects lyrically. Nothing can be perfect, but we want each track to end with a light at the end of the tunnel – that is what Late 9 is all about. Living hopeful, and strong, and prevailing through the lows, to live to see the highs – one big family!

Check out “Breathe For Me” below and keep up with all things Late 9 here!

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