Spiritbox detail upcoming EP ‘The Fear Of Fear’, release new single, “Jaded”

Ronnie Radke’s favorite band, Spiritbox, have detailed an upcoming EP. Set for release on November 3rd, The Fear Of Fear will features six tracks – including both previously released single “The Void” and new one, “Jaded”, which dropped on Friday, August 25th. It’ll also feature former As I Lay Dying’s Josh Gilbert on his first featured material with Spiritbox, after joining the band as an official member recently.

Having steadily gained fans upon their 2017 debut EP and then experienced a skyrocketing number of new listeners with their consistent single releases, their track :”Holy Roller” was the catalyst for a wave of hype. Barely a year later, their debut album Eternal Blue ended up debuting at a staggering #13 on the Billboard 200 in 2021 – a big achievement for a new band on their debut full-length. The hype hasn’t died down, either, with a few songs being released last year on their Rotoscope EP, as well as some sizable headline tours across the globe (which all sold out in relatively short order).

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