May 25, 2024

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Tallah’s Alizé “Mewzen” Rodriguez has been accused of sexual coercion and grooming

Alizé "Mewzen" Rodriguez, keyboardist of Tallah. Credit: Andrew Mather, link here:

In an exclusive news item we’ve received from multiple anonymous sources, Tallah’s Alizé “Mewzen” Rodriguez has been accused of sexual coercion and grooming. Trigger warning ahead: these conversations contain graphic depictions of adult-minor interactions, including some sexual content.

The following is a conversation between one of the anonymous parties and Alizé. At the time of these conversations, the anonymous party was 16-17, and Alizé was 20-21. The pink colors are being reported to us as the anonymous (and then-underage) party, while the dark ones are reportedly Alizé. Alizé also apparently admits that the conversations he’s having could screw him if they entered the public sphere, and that they’re not right to be having either way.

It should be known that these accusations are just that – accusations. We’ve also reached out to the band for a comment or statement on the situation, but have not received one at this time. However, we will keep you updated with any further statements or developments. We’ve also included both a gallery of the screenshots, as well as individual photos, depending on which you prefer.

We also have a second source that’s come forward, once again wishing to remain anonymous, with stories surrounding the alleged situation. The following conversation was between our two anonymous sources. We’ll continue to report any updates to this situation, as well as any other sources surrounding the alleged events, in this space.

Update: Within hours of this information going live, Tallah have severed ties with Rodriguez immediately.

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