May 24, 2024

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Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris + Bring Me The Horizon’s “Diamonds Aren’t Forever” is the crossover we deserve

If you had asked the members of Knocked Loose five years ago if they’d be direct support on one of Bring Me The Horizon’s biggest tours to date, what do you think they would have said? You’d probably (definitely) have to ask them. At the time, they were still supporting their debut full-length Laugh Tracks, and while the band was steadily gaining a bigger audience, both word of mouth and strategic planning (as well as good music and hard work) helped the band explode to where they are now.

And where they are now is touring with Bring Me The Horizon. Sounds pretty crazy, but props to the band for continuing their upward momentum. After all, not too many bands have started a virtual Wall Of Death in Minecraft – and at the same time, have given back to the community that helped see them become a huge name.

Anyway, the tour package stopped in Los Angeles last night for one of the biggest stops of their current tour. Then the unlikely (though in reality, maybe it’s not shocking) happened – Bryan Garris joined Bring Me The Horizon on stage during “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”, a favorite off the band’s 2008 album Suicide Season. To say it got social media talking is an understatement – in fact, Knocked Loose are trending on Twitter right now because of it. Safe to say they’ve made a few new fans on their current supporting tour. And for a band like them to be playing arenas? Honestly, fucking incredible.

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