February 29, 2024

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Incendiary drop new track “Bite The Hook” + announce new album

Incendiary have broken their silence and dropped a heavy new track in the form of “Bite The Hook”. The band also announced this is the first single from a new upcoming record, Change The Way You Think About Pain, coming May 26th.

“Much of the content of the record deals with the idea of pain, specifically pain avoidance,” says Garrone. “‘Bite the Hook’ is about the struggles one faces when letting something fester and go unresolved. The song’s aggression and vibe sets the tone for the rest of the record.”

Audley weighs in about the album as a whole, saying, “The goal with this album was to refine our songwriting and deliver it more aggressively. The expectation for a hardcore band on their fourth LP may be to start sanding the edges off and becoming more polished and anthemic. We wanted to go the complete opposite direction and make them sharper. ¬†Will Putney understood the assignment from the first day we stepped into his studio. He helped us execute on our goal by bringing out the most aggressive elements for the abrasive production the songs called for.”

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