November 29, 2023

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I See Stars break lengthy social media hiatus, announce first show since 2019

Almost two years ago, back in the halcyon days of 2021, I See Stars finally announced they were finished with a new record. The band didn’t announce it on social media at all, though – and two years came and went before the band recently broke their social media hiatus. And by “recently”, we mean earlier today, as ISS announced they’d be playing Blue Ridge Rock Festival later this year.

It’s been almost 7 long years since the band released their most recent album Treehouse, though. And while I See Stars haven’t officially announced anything just yet (despite sitting on what appears to be an album’s worth of material), it would be highly unlikely for ISS to emerge from this hiatus without music dropping to celebrate the occasion. At least that’s what conjecture says. You can likely assume some kind of announcement is coming soon, right? Hopefully.

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