April 22, 2024

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In The Spotlight: The Midnight – “Endless Summer”

The synthwave/retrowave revolution is here. Since the beginning of time, the music world has displayed a reverence for the past, whether it’s the current nu-metal revival trend (Sylar, Afterlife, My Ticket Home), or the scene that worships the 1980’s while still breaking new ground (The 1975, Timecop 1983, FM-84, Gunship). Synthwave duo The Midnight is thoroughly in the latter camp, and their album Endless Summer balances out the aforementioned nostalgia with depth. Don’t believe me? Check out album highlight “Vampires”, which would fit perfectly well on the Top Gun soundtrack. Endless Summer is an album with little discernible filler.

Listen to the whole thing below – if you have even a passing interest in electronic/pop/synth-based music, The Midnight is what you need in your life. Special mention should also be given to their previous EP Days Of Thunder – it’s arguably a prequel of sorts to Endless Summer.

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