November 30, 2021

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Hundredth teasing long album length to follow-up ‘RARE’

Hundredth made a bold change in sound in 2017 with their record RARE. Phasing away from the melodic hardcore archetype and opting into a more shoegaze, reverb-y approach, this transition was colossal, but it paid off, as the artistic direction made for my album of the year in 2017. The soundscape of RARE and the ensuing Ultrarare/summer of 2019 singles are divine, and a fascinating shift for the group.

Recently, Hundredth released a pair of covers, and have just recently changed their Twitter photos to the vibrant mix of colors you see here. This was followed by this enthusiastic tweet:

Usually, bands are left with several b-sides as albums stay concise in 30-45 minute bursts (including RARE.) It seems like Hundredth want you to hear the entirety of their creative process in this new effort, though.

The comments thread is largely in support of the large length, and so am I. There really hasn’t been a single bad song from the band since the stylistic change, and we can expect more of the same with what Hundredth have to bring to the table for the rest of 2020.

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