October 6, 2022

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Blueshift begin funding for their excellent debut LP on vinyl

Blueshift, 2020

Djent/progressive metal band Blueshift have announced that they’re funding a vinyl release for their first album, Voyager. I had the pleasure of reviewing this record early, and it’s my #1 djent album of 2020 so far. The band does a stellar job of creating an atmosphere and sounds up there with the likes of ERRA and Volumes.

This crowdfunding campaign comes as the band is unsigned and self-funded. They’ve garnered a following thanks to landing videos on Dreambound and having a breakthrough sound, but creating vinyl is far from cheap.

If you’re not into getting your music on vinyl, there’s other tiers to still support the young band. This awesome shirt is in the $25 tier, and snazzy stickers/a pin will only run you $10. Considering perk fulfillment is another large expense, these are more-than-reasonable prices for fresh merch.

Here’s hoping this campaign goes off without a hitch and tons of Blueshift fans can add Voyager to their collection!

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