October 6, 2022

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Premiere: Decayer packs a punch with their new song “Nobody” – listen!

Nothing is more brutal in Arizona than the heat, and the deathcore band Decayer – that stands true with their highly anticipated new song Nobody. Decayer has evolved musically with each passing release, quickly establishing themselves as a brutalizing force in the ever changing metal scene. Decayer is preparing to release their new EP “Shades of Grief” due out July 31st is signed to We Are Triumphant.

Personally we wanted the world to hear what we thought would be the most meaningful if this was our last ep or release. The song lyrically had a lot to do with the climate of the world today, through music we’ve tried to bring people together and help anyone we can through our words and message.
Decayer thrives to bring a meaning message within their music and all that stays constant in Nobody. This is a constant throughout their discography. Decayer has previously released 2 EPs and a full length album titled “End Note”.
New Fury Media