Hellfest as seen by artists: Subrosa, Ultra Vomit, and more discuss 2017’s lineup

In a week Hellfest (France) will open its gates, with an impressive lineup (Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Deep Purple, Five Finger Death Punch, Prophets Of Rage, …). We wanted to know which bands the artists present at the festival want to see there, and why!


Subrosa (Ancient Magickal Doom) – Rebecca Vernon (vocals, guitar) :

Well, there are many bands I want to see, but it’s more a question of, which bands will I be ABLE to see? Haha. We will be busy on Friday before we play, with merch, load-in and soundcheck, and we have to leave Hellfest right after we play at 3 p.m. to drive to Belgium. However, Noothgrush is playing right before us on the Valley Stage and we will hopefully get to see them. I just saw them live at Maryland Death Fest for the first time and loved them and look forward to seeing them again.
If I could see any of the other two Friday bands, though, I’d love to see The Damned and Marduk – Marduk I love live, and Magnus “Devo” Andersson, their bassist, mixed and mastered three of our albums, so I like to support them in return.

Ultra Vomit (Chilled Metal) – Manard (drums) :

Which bands am I going to see this year at Hellfest ?
Just joking.
Here is a little list from behind the counter :

Exhumed : Only if I’m there on time and not feeling too lazy, it’s a pleasant Carcass (early days era) copycat, but I don’t know them that much. It’s going to be difficult discerning melodies I think !

Devin Townsend : I discovered it a little belatedly (except for Ocean Machine which I loved when it was released), and so I’ve never seen him live ! One of my priorities this year !

Rob Zombie : I was a bit disappointed by his last performance here, I’m going to see him again this year to see if he changes course !

Phil Campbell : Out of curiosity, to see how the guy bounces back after he was thrown out of Motörhead like trash.

Ugly Kid Joe : I wanted to see them, because “Everything About You”, but apparently I’m having promotionnal obligations to fulfill ! Never mind !

Saxon : A band that I love a lot, that stands the test of time ! Some good grandpa heavy metal !

Aerosmith : Their last show here was so spectacular, I don’t know how they will be able to top it. That being said, they remain as one of my favorite bands, the one which got me into rock music !

Kreator : I won’t be able to see them, because Suicidal Tendencies are playing at the same time (not cool, the running time, guys), but I want to say that their two latest albums are sick !! A bit of heavy in their thrash, it gave them a boost !

Suicidal Tendencies : One of the cult bands of my teenage years. Even if it’s not as good as it was before, it will be better with Lombardo than with their former jazzy drummer ! But man, Mike, please reunite the “Lights…” lineup !

Hirax : Out of curiosity, I’ve heard a lot about this band, so if I’m not too lazy etc…

Prophets of Rage : As everyone, in order to discover !

Metal Church : I only know them by name, like Hirax !

Emperor : If I do have the time, I like some of their stuff, but in small doses !

Coroner : One of my favorite bands of all time. Period.

Slayer : I’ve never seen them, so I’m going to… haha, I’m joking. Saw them a thousand times, but… It’s Slayer.


Pastors of Muppets (Metal Brass Band)

“Well it’s difficult to answer this question, because we’re 12 members and we have quite some diverse musical tastes ! In order to satisfy us all, we should quote the entire lineup (right, we don’t pretend we know every name on the bill, but there will be some great discoveries for sure).
We all agreed on one name : Opeth : the Stockholm band’s songs are often very melodic, and we love this classical music or pop vibe, with a particular care in the composition. Above all we’re classical or jazz musicians, don’t forget that ! Also, we’re covering Master’s Apprentices in our new album, and we have a particuliar affection towards this track, which sounds really good with our instruments. Our dream is to see one -or several- members of Opeth in our audience, so that they could hear our version. With a bit of luck…
Next, the name of Prophets of Rage came back a lot, obviously. As ’90s teenagers, the print of RATM above all, and also Cypress or Public Enemy is strong !! And it’s good for our political consciousness. I’m taking this opportunity to talk about our cover of the song Freedom, also in Heavy Birthday, the only Pastors song with voice in it (our very own Kurt Cobain, Alix, decided to take the megaphone exceptionnally so that we could enjoy the fact of playing one of those mythical RATM riffs). So I think that most of us will be in front of Prophets of Rage on Sunday night (well I hope we’re not playing at the same time as them !! [you’ll be able to catch them if you tidy your stage quick enough, editor’s note]).
To end up, we quoted Slayer, because it’s the kind of metal that brought us together in the beginning (althought we still don’t have any Slayer song in our playlist !), and how good it feels to see them, but also Deep Purple for the mythical side (and the melodies too), and you may find our Shagrath, Sly, in front of Emperor and their ultimate black metal, and also in Clutch’s audience, to enjoy their fusion. We’ve also quoted Mars Red Sky, Primus, Devin Townsend (whom we’ve got a song we’re playing from time to time), The Dillinger Escape Plan, …

But I’m sure that we’re going to see a lot more !!


Betraying The Martyrs (Metal, Hardcore) :

Our picks are Deafheaven because Boris (drums) is a fan of their music and their live intensity. Linkin Park because it’s one of the very first records that Lucas and Baptiste (guitars) bought and jammed to together on guitar, and Behemoth because we all agree in the band that they put up one of the best live shows that an extreme metal band can deliver.



And you ? Which bands would/will you see this year at Hellfest ? Please let us know in the comments !

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