May 25, 2024

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Hail the Sun’s Donovan Melero launches new record label, Kill Iconic

Donovan Melero, a music industry veteran and member of several acts (including Hail The Sun), has launched a new record label, entitled Kill Iconic.

Melero, who has performed for Hail the Sun, Sianvar, Nova Charisma, and more, launched the Kill Iconic brand as a music magazine earlier this year. Now, he’s expanded Kill Iconic to a formidable beginning, signing on three bands: Satyr, VIS, and Ahh-Ceh. Us at New Fury have thoroughly enjoyed Satyr’s frenetic brand of post-hardcore, VIS’ groovy digs, and look forward to discovering Ahh-Ceh.

Melero brings experience in the industry from his time as an agent with Dynamic Talent International, and is joined in the formation of Kill Iconic by President/Co-founder Sinjin Ayat, Director of Operations Joe Occhiuti, Media & Marketing from Matt Klein, and Creative Director Sebastian Ramos.

In addition to the signing of these artists, Kill Iconic has re-issued vinyl for some familiar records: Andres’ Strange Neighbors on this Nervous Night and The Speed of Sound in Seawater’s Red and Blue Version EPs. The former sold out almost immediately in its cyan variant, and the latter quickly sold out of its blue variant as well.

We wish the new label all the best and will be watching with a keen eye for new releases!

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