November 28, 2021

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EP Review: Merciless Scum – “The Meek Inherit Nothing”

Tampa, Florida needs no introduction with its rich history in the extreme metal scene. Often remembered as the death metal capital of the world throughout the 90s, Tampa has always had some form of an extreme metal scene clear to present day. Today’s heavy metal scene is still active to with many bands continuing to emerge onto the scene. One of the latest to cause quite the stir in central Florida is Tampa’s Grindcore outfit Merciless Scum. Taking influences from bands such as Rotten Sound, Nasum, Napalm Death, and more, Merciless Scum quickly gained the attention of many. Throughout the many shows the group performed throughout 2017, Merciless Scum fans have been waiting patiently for a recorded release. Merciless Scum’s anticipated “The Meek Inherit Nothing,” successfully showcases the four-piece band for exactly what they are: utter chaos, abrasive noise, and grinding brutality.

“The Meek Inherit Nothing” gives listeners a pretty good idea of what to expect from Merciless Scum. Chainsaw guitars, blastbeats and other generally up tempo drum techniques, grimy bass, and chaotic shrieks and violent growls is a good starting reference point for what you are in for. As far as the actual presentation of “The Meek Inherit Nothing” goes, everything put into it from production to artwork is stellar. The album is produced extremely well for a DIY release and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arthur McBarfson at MasterSound Audio Engineering in Tampa. On the aesthetic aspect of the release, the album artwork from Alfi Neizear is staggering to say the least (pictured above). The post-apocalyptic aesthetic from the album art conveniently is on par with the album’s music which is full of themes of war and armageddon. As a listener, I really appreciate a band that puts a lot of money, time, and thought into their DIY releases and this is exactly what Merciless Scum achieved on “The Meek Inherit Nothing.”

As far as the actual music on “The Meek Inherit Nothing” goes – Merciless Scum is on the same level as the EPs presentation. Listeners get thrown right into the chaos with the opener “You Are All Sheep”. The track opens up with the perfect sample “Welcome to the worst nightmare of all…reality!” followed by a gunshot only to be counted off and cast into ruthless barbarity. There is no doubt that this record heavily leans towards Grindcore. The songs are typically speedy and on the shorter side with most being around the two minute mark. “The Meek Inherit Nothing” is a constant barrage on your ears and this is definitely something to get your blood flowing. However, what really helps “The Meek Inherit Nothing” digest with the listener is that there is variation and experimentation with other influences throughout the record. “The Meek Inherit Nothing” toys with these other extreme metal genres at just the right increment to where the listener’s senses are obliterated, yet the songs don’t run into one another. For example, “Inferno” has one of the catchiest death metal riffs on the entire record that I find mentally repeating to myself after listening to it. Not to mention, there’s just the right amount of times where Merciless Scum even slows it down a bit here and there to let you breathe before throwing you back in the midst of suffocating noise. The most notable tempo change is the demolishing title track. Starting off with a sludgy opening, the title track throws you into some last spurts of grinding action before finishing you off with a crushing doom riff. “The Meek Inherit Nothing” is a relatively short listen with five tracks that all together clock in at around the fourteen minute mark. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of this release, many listeners find themselves immediately giving “The Meek Inherit Nothing” a second play-through.

Overall, Merciless Scum’s “The Meek Inherit Nothing” leaves the band off with a very solid first impression and is sure to get the attention of the underground grind scene (and extreme metal scene in general). Merciless Scum prove with their first release that they are here to bring neck-breaking brutality and that you definitely want to keep an eye on what they are doing in the future. You can stream the songs “You Are All Sheep” and “Inferno” in the Bandcamp player below. If you like what you hear, make sure to preorder a physical copy through Grindstate Records here. “The Meek Inherit Nothing” will be officially released October 27th.

Rating: 8/10

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