May 25, 2024

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Fit For A King give Green Bay a very heavy 420

By Mariah Berg


Who doesn’t love a good metal show on a Saturday night? Green Bay, WI residents were blessed to have four killer bands come to the Epic Event Center on a beautiful Saturday night!

Opening up the show was a four piece band called Soulkeeper. As soon as they took the stage and their song “Holy Design” kicked in, the crowd started to move! Soulkeeper played some of their hit songs like “Inflorescence” and “Gorgeous”. I don’t think anyone was ready for the amount of energy this next band had.

Once Kingdom of Giants took the stage, the crowd literally went wild! The circle pit was huge, bodies were crowd surfing, heads were banging, it was madness! Vocalist Dana Willax even jumped down into the crowd to sing along with fans up close. Dana also noted that Green Bay was one of the best crowds on the tour so far! There really is a lot to be said about this band. Kingdom of Giants definitely has headliner band energy! They had the crowd engaged from first to last song. From the wall of death, to lighting the entire building with flashlights and lighters, Kingdom of Giants is a band you will want to see live!

Next to take the stage, a band that needs no introduction, Chelsea Grin! Chelsea Grin opened up their set with their song “Recreant” and as soon as the guitar kicked in, the crowd immediately went crazy! This is definitely a band you can’t stand still and watch, their energy is exhilarating! Chelsea Grin played songs like “Hostage”, “Dead Rose” and more! There was a little something from every Chelsea Grin era! As Chelsea Grin’s set came to an end, fans chanted for one more song! From crowd surfing to a Wall of Death, Green Bay definitely got down with Chelsea Grin!

Last but most definitely not least, the reason why we are all here, Fit For a King! Fit For a King opened up with a banger called “End (The Other Side)” and it was insane! Fit For a King puts on one of the greatest live shows, so many great things to be said about this band. Bassist Ryan O’Leary is an absolute legend with his bass guitar. No one spins a bass around their entire body or gets air like Ryan does. Fit For a King played many classics like “Deathgrip” and “Pissed Off” but they also played their newest song “Keeping Secrets” and fans already knew every word!

Who is ready for some more new Fit For a King music?! The last song of the night is always bitter sweet, but Fit For a King went out with a bang! Kingdom of Giants vocalist Dana Willax joined them in performing “God of Fire” and needless to say, it was fire! There are seven shows left of this killer tour, buy tickets to a show near you and get there early to see some incredible bands!


Photo Gallery : Soulkeeper – Epic Event Center (04.20.2024)


Photo Gallery : Kingdom Of Giants – Epic Event Center (04.20.2024)


Photo Gallery : Chelsea Grin – Epic Event Center (04.20.2024)


Photo Gallery : Fit For A King – Epic Event Center (04.20.2024)

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