Heart Attack Man show why they’re one of pop punk’s most diverse bands with new EP “Thoughtz And Prayerz” (Review)

Heart Attack Man have finally released what will be one of the best pop punk releases this year with their latest “Thoughtz And Prayerz” EP. With it though, they’ve solidified themselves as one of the genre’s most diverse bands seemingly about to blend genres together in ways that’ll make fans of several genres happy.  

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Amarionette deftly balance pop hooks and emotional depth on career-best “Sunset On This Generation”

“Artistic growth” and “progression” can at times be nebulous terms. What does it truly mean to progress and grow as an artist, or as a collective? The answer can often vary wildly depending on the specific artist — yet what is clear is that true progression can be thrilling to witness. A band pushing themselves…

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On debut album “The Truth In Your Eyes”, Savage Hands emerge as post-hardcore’s new breakout band (Review)

Maryland post-hardcore/metalcore outfit Savage Hands are back with their full-length LP, The Truth In Your Eyes that will be their first full-length release with SharpTone Records. We were delighted to be able to check out the record, and it doesn’t disappoint. Lead vocalist Mike Garrow has stated that this new album was a way to…

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