August 17, 2022

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Album Review: Sleeping with Sirens – “Gossip”

The five piece alternative-rock band Sleeping With Sirens have  released their fifth full-length album Gossip which debuted on September 22nd, via Warner Brother Records. The album is said to have a more “dark” vibe to it, and it totally fits the description, especially lyrically. Each song is unique in its own way. Featuring single “Legends” which was released in mid-July, “Empire to Ashes” which was released mid-August, and “Cheers” and Trouble” that were released a few weeks prior. This album will surprise you with a twist and turn in every song.

Starting off the album is “Gossip,” after the album title. The band originally started to play this live acoustically before the album was released. The song starts out with no real instrumental background, with what seems like a clapping-beat and vocals, then picks up as the song progresses. Lyrically, the song can speak volumes for those who have been “gossiped” about and how you shouldn’t believe what someone else tells you. It is definitely a key opener for the album.

The next song is “Empire to Ashes.” Starting off with monotone vocals and a light rhythm mixed of drums and guitars, the song builds up as the chorus kicks in which in a live setting I would see fans rocking out and clapping their hands along to this beat. It has a deep meaning behind the lyrics as well, such as “if my life is the needle, the soul is the thread” and “I try to break free but I can’t escape me.” This is definitely a standout on the album.

“Legends” follows, which was the original track released as a teaser for the album. It is also the official song  for the 2018 USA Winter Olympics. This song is an anthem, with its pop-rock vibe and lyrics of empowerment, it an easy sing-along tune for anyone. It shows elements of previous albums Madness for the lyrical side, and Let’s Cheers to This for the elemental side.

“Trouble” is next, holding a very punk vibe, similar to later song in the album “Cheers.” Vocally, this sounds so different to me than any other Sirens albums, or songs for that matter. You can tell the band wanted to experiment differently with their songs on this album, and this song clearly does that!

“One Man Army” is one of my favorites on the album. Beautifully combined lyrically and instrumentally, holding the same vibe a lot the band’s previous album, Madness, did. To me, this song holds the message of moving forward as “a group of one,” hence the title of the song. It’s very melodic, Kellin Quinn has even mentioned this song is his favorite off the album.

“Cheers” shocked me the first time I heard it. I was surprised this was a Sleeping with Sirens song! It’s definitely a unique track on the album. Instrumentally, it is a very punk song, taking us back to the older days of rock music. Lyrically, it’s celebrating the band and their successes while describing the average “punk lifestyle.”

“Closer” to me, seems like a spin-off from previous song “Better Off Dead,” not only lyrically but instrumentally also. Slowed down, the song seems more serious on the notion of “I’m still alive” and is mixed between an acoustic and punk-rock vibe.

“Hole in My Heart” is a self-critical song about not liking the person you are, to learning to love who you are. Talking about how everyone has been through something, but they still shine through the darkness.

“I Need to Know” is the heartbreak song on the album. Similar to their song “Left Alone,” this song talks of a past relationship and the mistakes made, and hoping it was meant to be. With the lyrics “Sometimes when you love someone you have to let them go,” it holds a very nostalgic feeling that adds more depth to the album.

“The Chase” is my personal top favorite of the album. Lyrically, it speaks volumes for me and I’m sure anyone who listens, as when you find your real purpose as to why you’re alive. The lyrics “I do it cause I love it I was born for this, I know this is the reason why I exist.” For the band, I feel the writing process was how they feel about being musicians, as it’s their purpose and what keeps them going. Instrumentally, it reminds me of their song “Go Go Go” off of their album Madness. 

“War” is the last song on the album. Closing out Gossip, this song is very political talking about America and if it holds the same morals it once did. Talking of the rights of Americans, questioning if it’s still the “land of the free.”

Overall, the album is very different from anything else the band has done. I personally feel this is their best work yet. Be sure to catch Sleeping with Sirens on their GOSSIP tour if you haven’t already!

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