Drain puts the fun back in hardcore with new single “FTS (KYS)”

Drain are one of the hottest bands in hardcore right now. With a great mix of speed and metal elements intertwined with their hardcore and punk sound, the band is setting the scene on fire. Their upcoming new album on Epitaph, Living Proof, comes out May 5th. And it’s already on many most anticipated albums of 2023 lists. The band has now dropped their third single from the album titled “FTS (KYS)” which goes 100mph before hitting you with a neck breaking breakdown.


Front man Sammy Ciaramitaro warns, “Read the lyrics to this song before you make an assumption on what it’s about. This song and this band are all about bettering yourself and the world around you. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to be the person you want to be and I hope this song can give someone the push they might be needing to make that jump.”

He continues: “I didn’t become straight edge until I was 22, which is a lot later than most of my peers, and I had always wanted to write a song about my journey to sobriety from my standpoint as someone who did in fact indulge in a lifestyle of excess. I know that if I was in that situation, there has to be others that are just like me and I really wanted to write something for those kids.

We had a lot of fun writing this song because we got to experiment with different song structures, wild drum and riffing patterns, and we got to go full “crazy train” with the percussion instruments!”

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