March 2, 2024

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Discrepancies knock it out of the park with their new album “The Rise”

The next wave of rock musicians is on the rise, and I think Discrepancies have a spot on that list. The St. Louis rock infused rap group has just released their next chapter of their musical journey, and that chapter is “The Rise”. Signed with InVogue Records, these up and comers mean business. This album excels the bands previous effort made on their debut album “The Awakening”, which saw a 2018 release. The Awakening garnered over a million stream in it’s first week of release. Discrepancies made a strong debut with their album hitting billboard charts. The Rise takes everything Discrepancies innovated with their sound in their debut record and amplify them like an overclocked gaming PC. The results are impressive – throughout the course of the record the continuing flow of rhythm and catchy hooks doesn’t end. Discrepancies have done an outstanding job making sure each track is crafted with full attention to detail.

The Rise is a 10 track album that utilizes rap influences and written verses with catchy choruses. This has became a pinnacle point in the band’s sound that makes them standout from the pack. Tracks like “Crawling Back”, and “Light Up The Dark” perfectly showcase the albums overall vibe, each song holding up the next. Well, what are you waiting for? Go jam The Rise!




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