Deftones team up with Leigh Whannell (Saw, Insidious) to direct new video for “Ceremony” – watch

Deftones have released a new music for “Ceremony”, off their most recent album, 2020’s Ohms. The album, which was yet another successful one for the band, hasn’t seen a tour in support of it just yet – but the band did tap Leigh Whannell (Saw, Insidious) to direct the cinematic video for “Ceremony”. Amusingly, Whannell revealed how he got the gig for the video, which you can watch below.

“One day I wrote on Twitter that I was loving the new @deftones album. The next day their manager sent me a DM asking if I wanted to direct a music video for them. I said yes. The moral of the story is talk about the things you love on Twitter, not the things you hate. Specifically I mean talk about the ART and pop culture you love, not the art and pop culture you hate. When it comes to politicians and their stupidity and insanity, all bets are obviously off.”

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