April 24, 2024

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Deftones stream impressive ninth full-length album, ‘Ohms’ – listen

In hindsight, most bands would kill to release an album like 2016’s Gore. For many Deftones, though, that record was a disappointment of sorts – but their ninth full-length album, Ohms, is out now. And boy, is it impressive. Impressive, in that the record sometimes feels like the missing link between White Pony and 2003’s self-titled album – or maybe that Ohms is an encapsulation of an impressive 25 year recording career (remember, Adrenaline dropped all the way back in 1995). Either way you slice it, tracks like “Pompeji” and “This Link Is Dead” teem and oscillate with some of the more impressive riffs from Stephen Carpenter, and the strong electronic foundation Deftones have become known for lately, too. Run, don’t walk to listen to this.

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