April 24, 2024

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Constellations release riveting debut single “RIP”

“What’s done is done / And now I’m further along to where I’m supposed to be / My escape from your reality / I only did what was best for me / A heavy heart in heavy hands / Broken apart, reformed again / It seems you can’t hear this side of me / My escape from your reality.”

Originating from Akron, OH, metalcore newcomers Constellations have unveiled their captivating debut single “RIP”, accompanied by a lyric video featuring stunning interstellar visuals. In a statement, the band members discuss the process of composing the track and its major influences:

“We wrote the chorus to be about seeing the benefits of making the hard decision to cut bad ties in your life. The overall lyrics express themes of coping with betrayal, trusting your own instincts, and having the mental strength to break out of cycles of toxicity and making the changes in your life to lead you to where you ultimately want to be. The instrumental melodies were heavily inspired by older Like Moths to Flames with an emphasis on the dissonance of the scales in which we wrote the song. A lot of the rhythms and structure of the song were formed from a sort of amalgamation of progressive metalcore bands such as Silent Planet and ERRA, with some modernized older influences like Attack Attack and We Came As Romans.”

Keep an ear out because the band has a ton of new material in the works!


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