Bad news: Bring Me The Horizon’s new album is being postponed. Good news? Wake up babe, the album art just dropped!

To say a new Bring Me The Horizon record is highly anticipated is, well, an understatement. While they continue to cycle between several different genres of music, the fact is that they’ve continued to grow into a musical monster – and one that’s infiltrated many aspects of popular culture as well. The band’s upcoming entry in the Post Human series, NeX GEn, was supposed to have a September 15th drop date.

First, the bad news – Bring Me The Horizon’s new record had a release date of September 15th. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening anymore as they’re just not quite finished with the record yet. While you’ll be waiting a little longer for the record to release, there is good news. This statement comes straight from the mouth of Bring Me The Horizon themselves, through an email we received.

So some bad news… NeX GEn won’t be coming September 15th. Unforeseen circumstances rendered us unable to complete the record to the standard we’d be happy with. We were hoping despite the setbacks we could pull it off in time for you guys but there’s still so many little details we want to be perfect and until it’s nailed we’re just not willing to give it to you guys. We can’t give it a new date just yet but just know it’s close… & we know you guys have been so patient but you just gotta be a lil more.. 🙏 we did finish the artwork at least… here’s the final cover.

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