February 27, 2024

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From TikTok to Melbourne: Loveless’ Unforgettable Australian Debut (Show Review)

By Olivia Burns


Los Angeles pop punk duo, Loveless, treated Australian fans by adding us on their world tour, stopping in Melbourne and taking over Billboards’ 170 Russell venue on the 20th of August. These guys are well known for their TikToks where they created short pop punk versions of popular songs which featured the well known face of the band, Julian.  After they started to gain some traction, they then transitioned into promoting mainly their originals which has proven successful.


Sydney, Australia based pop punk band Closure kicked off the night, their music was a mix of pop punk with a bit of screamo, courtesy of their guitarist mixed in there, lead singer Lucy May commanded the stage with her powerful voice and the band as a whole worked so well at 


Now, let’s address the bias. As a bit of a fan of Loveless, I was so thrilled seeing them draw a packed crowd for their debut Australian tour and just as excited as everyone else in the room.


You could feel the electricity throughout the venue as the time was getting closer, screams from adoring fans as the intermission music went down and the lights on stage turned on with their logo on the screens in the background as the silhouettes of guitarist and vocalist Dylan and drummer Stephen moved to their places on stage. The intro to Haunting Me started as Julian ran out on stage greeting everyone with a big smile and waves, before letting out his first few notes. I was taken back with how alike his live voice was to his studio sound, he has such a well rounded voice and has ultimate control over it, using it to his advantage while also bouncing around the stage not even struggling to hold the notes. The setlist was a medley of their best tracks, including my personal favourite, “Lighthouse.” During this song, they encouraged the crowd to illuminate the venue with their flashlights instead of recording, creating an unforgettable moment.


 As they made their way through the setlist, in between breaks, Dylan and Julian showcased not only their musical but also their comedic talents. Bantering with each other and the audience, they added humour and funny stories in between songs, creating a refreshing and engaging atmosphere. Melbourne even convinced Julian to partake in the famous Aussie “shoey” tradition – which entails drinking an alcoholic beverage poured into a shoe – a rite of passage for artists performing in the country.

 As the night was coming to an end, Loveless left the stage, prompting the crowd to chant for an encore. Their return was swift, as they expressed their appreciation for the audience and their love for being in Melbourne. They treated the crowd to their newly released single, “Drag Me Down,” which had only been out for a week, yet the audience sang along as if they’d known it forever. Concluding the night, they tossed setlists, drumsticks, and picks into the crowd, thanking everyone before reluctantly departing the stage. Loveless left an great impression, a band that effortlessly blended fun, interaction, and exceptional performance.


I think it’s safe to say that Melbourne loved these guys a lot, and I feel like the feeling is most definitely mutual, they can definitely come back anytime soon. I am excited to witness these guys just continue to grow after the amount of success that they have achieved in a very short amount of time!



Photo Gallery : Loveless – 170 Russell (08.20.2023)

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