Between The Echoes release updated version of “Phantom Limb” (featuring Anberlin’s Stephen Christian)

Blink and you might miss them, but Between The Echoes are a band on the rise currently. While they haven’t been around long (2022 debut full-length Awake While Dreaming was their first release, after a few initial singles), they’ve since racked up some impressive numbers – especially with their new version of fan favorite “Phantom Limb”, which features Anberlin’s Stephen Christian.

If you’re a fan of alternative anything, this is a band that’ll be up your alley. While not necessarily too different from the original version released a couple years ago, the song has become their most popular to date – and after less than 2 weeks of release as well. Plus, newcomers might well be electrified by the talent on display, particularly in the vocals. With a signature song this early in their career, you really have to be excited for what Between The Echoes might do on whatever they release next.

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