May 25, 2024

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Bad Omens now have their first-ever RIAA Platinum single with “Just Pretend”

To say Bad Omens have become successful in the last 5 years is, well, the understatement of the decade right now. Initially a slow-burning success story, their notoriety started to skyrocket at the end of 2021, as hype for their third full-length album reached a fever pitch. They’re now so popular that they can basically command arena-level crowds, but that wasn’t always a guarantee considering how hard it is to climb to the top of the proverbial mountain.

Barely two years after the song’s emergence off the album The Death Of Peace Of Mind, “Just Pretend” has parlayed itself into the first RIAA Platinum single for Bad Omens as well. In fact, multiple songs from the album (and a couple recent collaborations) have all reached sizable posts on the biggest Billboard charts in the USA. What’s more is that their momentum keeps on moving up with a new Reanimation-styled remix album coming soon, as well as a new album of their own to keep working on. There’s almost no way Bad Omens won’t score a Grammy nomination next year, too.

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