Attila’s Fronzilla is running for President as a member of the Libertarian Party – seriously

2023 truly is Bizarro World. Heavy music is making waves in the mainstream, nu-metal is huge again (though it never really left), and Attila’s Fronzilla – ever a target for controversy – is running for political office. Yes, he’s apparently serious, the same dude who writes songs about pizza and Playstations wants to obtain the highest office in the USA.

We must reiterate, he’s apparently quite serious about this. He’d assuredly be the first President Of The United States to admit he’s a “bad motherfucker, not a fucking role model”, at least. He’d also be the first President ever to have a face tattoo, so there’s that. The roasts of Fronzilla have been absolutely hilarious, though, mainly revolving around the Libertarian Party and certain…laws. He’s also not even old enough to run for the Presidency, though he would be 35 years of age at a possible swearing-in ceremony. Oh, and The Punk Rock MBA – who recently came under fire for inviting a far-right guest on his podcast and gives platforms to other lightning rods for controversy like Ronnie Radke – also wants to be his VP. Truly Bizarro World.

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