Mosh calls? Stage diving? The entire music scene will be talking about Knocked Loose’s Coachella set for a long, long time

Between their tours with Bring Me The Horizon and increased visibility to a wider audience, it’s still pretty amazing how Knocked Loose haven’t forgotten where they came from. Like, at all, in their 10 years as a band. Keep in mind, this is a band that still plays Life And Death Brigade Festival in Louisville, still invites bands like Gatecreeper and Magnitude to support them on headlining tours, and refuses to act with the kind of egotistical mantras that can happen when increased fame gets to a collective head. It’s really quite impressive.

So too, was the fact that their set at Coachella 2023 over the weekend has managed to completely dominate social media – especially Twitter and Facebook. While the fact that they were tapped to play the festival (alongside Bjork, Frank Ocean, and Blackpink, among others) wasn’t a huge surprise given the festival actually does cast a wide net as far as music genres go, the fact that KL and also Scowl (who are really, really great as well) received such a big reception is nonetheless pretty awesome to see. It should be noted that the band’s set also had NO BARRICADES, absolutely wild stuff. Stage dives? Mosh calls? Hell yeah.

What’s even better is the fact that musicians from all facets of rock and metal, hardcore and punk, came together to celebrate the rapturous reception Knocked Loose received. This might also be a microcosm for the way Knocked Loose have always operated – developing community, helping out other bands the same way that the likes of Every Time I Die helped them back in the day, and staying true to themselves.

There’s also the matter of how their Coachella appearance will help them grow, both in the short term and in the longer-term scope of things. They haven’t dropped any new music since 2021’s A Tear In The Fabric Of Life concept EP, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them release something soon to capitalize on it as well. There’s also the matter of how it’ll affect their current following. While monthly Spotify listeners is an imperfect metric for determining just how big a band’s fanbase can be, the fact is that they’re still over 900,000 a month on the streaming platform – despite not releasing any new music since October 2021. Even just a new single would likely see them explode past that number, probably over the coveted one million listeners a month. And while again, it’s not the best metric to ever exist, there’s no doubt that their set at Coachella 2023 will set the band up for even more success in the very near future. And Knocked Loose have continued to stay true to themselves while doing it – that certainly deserves praise.

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