February 21, 2024

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Architects fire back at their biggest critics with self-explanatory new single, “Seeing Red”

Architects have been rapidly accelerating in worldwide popularity for the past few album cycles. I mean, they opened for Metallica recently, so what could possibly be wrong in their world right now? Well, the critical reception for their past two full-lengths hasn’t exactly been kind, and while their massive hit single “Animals” landed them radio play for the first time, it’s the critics who haven’t been as favorable to their recent material. While your results may vary, of course, much of said criticism stems from their recent forays into decidedly less of the metalcore territory they’re known for.

They’ve released a staggering ten full-length albums to date. And it’s hard to fault much of the band’s older fanbase clearly missing the “blegh!” days, while it’s hard to fault them for wanting it, considering how albums like Hollow Crown and All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us have impacted the modern metalcore scene.

It’s also absolutely hilarious (in a good way, mind you) how self-aware Architects are of these criticisms, and clearly it’s all come to a head on new single “Seeing Red”. While it’s not a Chevelle reference (at least we don’t think so), the good news is that the song is clearly Architects creating what they’re most-known for, even dropping the lyric “are you happy now?” amidst the chaos. It’s also heavier than anything they’ve released since Holy Hell, and while it’s not quite on the level of something like “The Seventh Circle”, it’ll probably satisfy the critics. For now. Maybe.

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