February 21, 2024

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Chevelle is sending the pain below, because they’re hard at work on new music

Along with the likes of Sevendust and Deftones, Chevelle is one of modern hard rock/alt-metal’s most consistently good bands. After all, almost every band or musician inevitably ends up releasing a record that’s less than stellar – whether through an experiment that might not have been a great fit, or via songwriting that just didn’t resonate with a majority of listeners. It’s hard to say that any of the above bands, especially Chevelle, have done that – and all three have managed to maintain commercial success as well.

That doesn’t mean each band, especially Chevelle, haven’t explored new territory as they’ve aged. In Chevelle’s case, the space and sci-fi themes on 2021’s NIRATIAS weren’t totally new (Sci-Fi Crimes already tackled the latter), but nonetheless the musical formula was switched up enough to make it a distinct record. And thankfully, it appears we’ll get some much-needed new Chevelle tunes soon, as they just dropped a video of some studio footage. Though it doesn’t seem likely the band’s next record will arrive in 2023, it will be an independent one – so hopefully the independence will see Chevelle in peak form, with the shackles of a major label freeing them to do what they want.

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