“5 Albums That Changed My Life” with ReVerbed


UK aggressive pop-punk band ReVerbed (who released their album “This Machine”, which you can purchase here)  gave us a few minutes of their time to list 5 albums that have had an impact on the band. Be sure to check out their responses after the jump.

1. Zoe – ‘Young & the Hopeless’ – Good Charlotte


Young & the Hopeless was the first album I bought over 11 years ago! I took the album away on a 2 week summer holiday to Spain and it was all I would listen to, I was hooked! I had been bitten by the pop/punk bug and couldn’t wait to hear more. It inspired me to play and write music and be on stage, I thought I want to do that, it looks like so much fun! So I booked some guitar lessons, bought my first guitar and started to play and write songs.

It was a very ‘coming of age’ album and as a kid becoming a teenager I felt I could relate to a lot of the angst and emotion within the songs. I can definitely say this is an album I will never forget and something I still love to reminisce to.

2. Joe – ‘Chuck’ – Sum 41


This album is probably my favourite album and is certainly my favourite Sum 41 album, it’s awesome. It really made me want to go see them live so I booked some tickets to see them at a show. They were amazing and that show really made be want to be in a band and do what they did. It inspired to learn and play music, so I guess I have Chuck to thank for picking up a bass! It’s still one of my favourite albums to date and I always enjoy listening to it.

3. Josh – ‘The White Album’ – The Beatles


I’ll say it in 6 words – Amazing songs, boss harmonies, Ringo Starr – Plus it’s better than the other 4 albums we picked… haha!

4. George – ‘Kerrang: The Album Volume 2’


This was a compilation CD I got bought for Christmas back when I was 9. The first track was ‘Breakout’ by the Foo Fighters and I didn’t have a clue what was going on except it kicked the s**t out of the Backstreet Boy stuff my mum was playing me! It introduced me to rock, pop punk and metal music for the first time and I loved it. It has artists like Slipknot, Sum 41, Blink-182, Papa Roach, Linkin Park and so many other awesome bands. That album showed me some of my favourite bands and set me down the path of music that I’m on now, it’s got some great songs on it. I’m still inspired by it now.

5. ReVerbed – ‘From Under the Cork Tree’ Fall Out Boy


This album has been a forgotten treasure for some of us since it’s release in 2005, however our tour of France last Summer brought it back to life. We had the CD on repeat for 5 consecutive days in the car, not sure if it’s because we couldn’t be bothered to change it or we liked it so much, but it must have been played at least 30 times over the tour. The songs are ridiculously catchy, with clever lyrics and well written music to match. It was truly the soundtrack to our Summer and it is a time we will never forget. We played the best gigs we’ve ever played, met some amazing people and had so much fun. We all love this album and reminds us of such a great time together.

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