May 25, 2024

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Premiere: Demonic Ecstasy dedicates new single “Oblivion” to Honor Killing victim

New Fury Media is proud to present “Oblivion”, the new single by Iranian blackened deathcore band Demonic Ecstasy. The band dedicated “Oblivion” to the memory of Mona Heydari, a 17-year-old Iranian teenager who her husband murdered as part of an honor killing in Iran last year. Demonic Ecstasy is set to release the song on all streaming platforms on the 8th of March in honor of International Women’s Day. The deathcore band revisits the trend of using black metal and symphonic influences and takes it to the extreme. The authentic bleak atmosphere in “Oblivion” radiates intensely. Likely, the band’s country of origin and the hardships associated with it were the main contributors.

“We dedicate this song to the memory of dear Mona Heydari, who was unjustly murdered and is now buried but not forgotten. Her murderers roam free thanks to the corrupt system that is run by the Mullahs in Iran. The lyrics of Oblivion don’t directly mention Mona but they target the corrupt system nevertheless.”

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