May 24, 2024

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Why should you migrate to Office 365?

Office 365 is an office suite that has transitioned into the cloud. Whether you are a small business, medium corporation or large company, Microsoft Office 365 Migration can serve your needs for email services, intranet portals, mobile productivity apps and much more.

Benefits of Migrate to Office 365:

Variety of built-in tools

O365 is not just a new name for Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also comes with Outlook, Access, and Publisher. It includes services such as Hosted Exchange for email, OneDrive for secure shared storage, SharePoint for content management and collaboration, and teams, so teams can make quick decisions on chat channels. For enterprise users, there are also Stream options for video streaming, Yammer for enterprise-wide social platforms, and Power BI training for advanced analytics.


Office 365 is a subscription model which can be managed with the help of Cloud Desktop Service providers to guide and enhance your business needs. You don’t need to pay upfront for expensive, proprietary software. Your money is safe and can be reinvested elsewhere if you want.


O365 provides a different set of tools that helps your organization to manage and maintain efficient business operations.
Secure storage like Drop Box.
Business Email Service like yahoo mail and ZohoMail
Productivity tools like Apache OpenOffice. or 10to8 for managing schedule.
You can save your time by avoiding going to different providers to get these services. Microsoft Office 365 is an integrated platform that offers all of the above services at a single price. IT teams don’t have to deal with multiple suppliers, and the finance department doesn’t have to process many invoices.


Office 365 is available on mobile devices. Do you are on a vacation and need to respond quickly to customer complaints from your friend’s computer? it’s simple. Just use the Office application from your browser. All documents are securely shared on OneDrive, so you can access your documents anytime, anyplace, from any device.

Income growth

O365 provides tools and features to radically improve your team’s productivity. You can now create Word documents together and modify Excel tables together. Imagine the potential boost this can bring to your business if your team continues to reach consensus quickly. This significantly reduces the time required for all customer relationships and improves lead conversions and customer satisfaction. Investing in Office 365 quickly manifests itself in increased sales and improved results.


The apps which are included in O365 are intuitive and very easy to use. You don’t have to invest in training to learn how they work. Microsoft posts lots of videos on YouTube. With these videos, you can easily explore specific use cases and see how other users are using the features of Office apps. These apps are feature-rich, easy to use, and packed with ready-to-use templates to help you get started with the most common tasks quickly.


Microsoft offers businesses O365, which meets the industry standards, like HIPA and ISO. These additional features allow you to meet the industry regulations in order to provide your customers with assurances about their data security.


Migrating to Office 365 apps and services, your business gets a productivity boost that allows you to collaborate better, exchange information seamlessly with partners, and improve your innovation cycles. All this leads to better sales.
Presently, SharePoint Migration Services provider like Apps4Rent takes full responsibility for ensuring the uptime of the Office 365 platform and providing support to their customers which makes them ideal partners to choose for the service.

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