May 25, 2024

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Whoa, Motionless In White just appeared at and opened WrestleMania XL with Rhea Ripley’s theme song

Motionless In White have continued to ascend in popularity. One of the biggest bands to emerge from the metalcore wave of the mid to late-2000s, their staying power and longevity has been, well, quite impressive. Their 2022 album Scoring The End Of The World was the logical result of everything they’ve done in their career to date, with radio-ready rock hits (“Masterpiece”) emerging alongside heavy material that also has an ear to the ground for newer talent (“Slaughterhouse”, with Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose). It’s rare to find a band that can do both with equal aplomb, but hey!

Anyway, even casual Motionless In White fans know there’s a connection between Motionless In White and professional wrestling – specifically WWE’s Rhea Ripley. Motionless In White performs Rhea Ripley’s theme song, actually, and with Wrestlemania XL happening right now, MIW opened the festivities at the flagship event by performing the theme song live. In the flesh. Seriously awesome, especially when you consider that there was once an era where rock and metal dominated professional wrestling events. Alter Bridge, Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, and plenty more gained fame in this way, so one might expect MIW to gain even more fans now. It also worked for Code Orange the last few years, so why not?

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