March 4, 2024

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Up and coming Arizona hip-hop artist Nutter Tut releases his new song “Pagliacci”

Phoenix, Arizona based hip-hop artist Nutter Tut made a strong debut in 2019, and since has released a constant flow of quality music. His latest entry “Pagliacci” is the landmark song for Nutter Tut thus far. After jamming his discography you can tell with each passing release more thought and effort seem to be placed in songwriting and the execution of his vocals. Pagliacci features Nicho White Gold and was released with a music video shot by Andrew Finch and Xander Payton, editing was done by TorusFox. The Arizona up and comer demonstrates a vibrant flow with his music, something we’ve come to enjoy immensely about his work. Nutter Tut is quickly gaining steam, with Spotify numbers surpassing 10,000 monthly listeners.


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