February 27, 2024

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Mudvayne is reportedly plotting a reunion tour in 2021

Long one of metal’s most creative bands, Mudvayne are reportedly planning to reunite and tour in 2021. It should be noted that there’s really nothing in the way of evidence to back this up, but the person who revealed this info has a proven track record.

The rumor mill is buzzing via Wolverinekills, who have a solid track record of this sort of info. The band’s L.D. 50 album launched them into the national consciousness. Mudvayne originally went on hiatus a decade ago, shortly after their most recent album was released in 2009.

Members of Mudvayne have also taken part in the successful Hellyeah and Audiotopsy, while bassist extraordinaire Ryan Martinie is part of Soften The Glare. They’re great and you should be listening to them.

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