May 25, 2024

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Unsigned & on the Rise: Sidelined


Sidelined is a hardcore band from Newtown, Illinois that knows no such things as boundaries. The group has released one album already, with an EP in production, showing off a sound both unforgettable and indescribable.
When asked about the band’s unique sound, drummer Nash Swisher replied that it was an unconscious development in the writing process. He said that the writing process generally involves guitarist Adrian Swisher writing the guitar parts, followed by Nash Swisher writing the drum parts; the band then writes in the other parts in what they feel is a fitting sound to the guitar and drums. As Nash Swisher noted, “The sounds don’t always fit into one genre, but we always feel like it’s just right for the song.” He and the band believe that this worked very well on the group’s debut album, Heart Flavored Living. Fans hungry for more music from Sidelined need not wait much longer.

According to Swisher, the band is in the process of completing its follow-up EP to Heart Flavored Living, entitled Rock ‘n’ Soul. He believes that the EP will be around six songs and will present a sound quite different from Heart Flavored Living. No release date has been announced as of publication. The band’s influences are as varied as one might expect for such a risk-taking band.

Swisher notes Say Anything, Foxy Shazam, and Every Time I Die, as well as having a minimum-wage job and experiences with prior, less than hardworking bands, have had a large influence on the entire band’s writing process. The members consider themselves very hardworking members of the DIY-punk community. Western fans of the band may have reason to rejoice; though the band is made of multiple full-time students and workers, Sidelined has hopes for a two-week tour this summer, possibly even heading out west, where the band has yet to play.

Sidelined is truly unlike any other band. Joining unpredictability with a dedicated work ethic and passionate lyrics, the Illinois quartet is sure to make waves in the hardcore scene for years to come.   Sidelined’s debut album, “Heart Flavored Living,” can be downloaded for free/name-your-price at

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