May 25, 2024

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Unsigned And On The Rise: Tampa’s very own Reveal Renew

reveal renewToday is the 3 month anniversary of Rise Above The Anchor and to celebrate this, I am giving you the gift of Reveal Renew. I was recently shown these guys by the owner of RATA, Tim Morris and right away, I knew that they HAD to be this months Unsigned And On The Rise band; these guys just straight up make awesome music. You can call them a punk band or you can call them a rock band, but whatever genre you want to call them, we can all agree that these guys are talented nonetheless. How can I make my mp3 player even cooler with these guys playing in my earbuds you might be asking yourself right now? Luckily for you, they have an EP up on bandcamp for whatever price you want to pay (and I believe this album is above being free so if you have anything to spare, help these guys out because I want to see a full length come out of the RR camp). I will have the link hidden somewhere inside of the article so you will have to keep reading to find it…


I always like giving a little history of every band that I do some type of article about and this one will be no different. Here is Reveal Renew in a nutshell. The band was started when some cool dudes decided that they wanted to make cool music in Tampa, Florida. One band member went up to another band member and said “Hey dude, you rock!” and the other member said “Ya dude, so do you” and Reveal Renew was born. Some historical facts may or may not be based off of true events. One thing that is true though, these guys were lucky enough to play at the Tampa Warped Tour this year!! That is one hell of an accomplishment and glad to see that there are still amazing bands playing on that tour.


Now, if you have not already gone to look up this band on Facebook, I’m not sure what you are waiting for because this band deserves to be heard and be heard LOUD!! Their music talks for itself and shows that these guys mean business and are here to give the world quality rock music. So, if you do not already have a “band radar” set up to discover new music, you better be adding Reveal Renew as the first band. In the words of the greatest governor ever, Arnold Schwarzenegger “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers”.

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