Twitch makes troubling music copyright changes, labels respond

Twitch has announced some pretty rough new guidelines to playing music within streams, severely-restricting content creators from using any music that they don’t own. Essentially, if you didn’t make it yourself, your stream is at risk of getting taken down.

While this will severely hinder future streams across the board, there is good news in the response of some of our favorite labels. In a Twitter thread that posed the question to several labels, Pure Noise Records, Rise Records, UNFD, and Fearless Records stated that they have no issue if a streamer uses music from their label.

This is fantastic news to those wanting to throw on some bangers in the stream, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet – there’s no grasp yet on if there’s some kind of automation that blocks music on the spot, as these labels are subsidiaries of larger groups (ie. Fearless is of Concord Music Group, Rise is BMG, etc.)

Nevertheless, it’s stellar to see that labels have an open mind and are willing to let us enjoy their music with no concerns!


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